• The workshop "East Asia and the EU as Partners in Global Economic Governance" took place on 4 July, 2017. International participants and speakers addressed questions of actorness, role conceptions and forms and venues for EU cooperation with East Asia. 

    The event is part of the Jean Monnet project "International Political Economy of EU-Asia Relations" (IPEEAR) (https://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ipea/de/JMC/index.shtml), which promotes excellence in teaching and research in EU studies. The project provides an innovative approach to EU studies by focusing on the relations of the external dimension of European integration and the external dimension of regional cooperation and integration in East Asia and beyond. 

    Goal: The IPEEAR project fosters international and interdisciplinary exchange between policy makers, scholars and wider civil society. It provides information and a deeper understanding of European Integration, Asian Integration and EU-Asia affairs. 

    Target Group: Students, scholars and everyone with an interest in the partnership of the European Union and East Asia and its role for global economic governance.

    Content: In four panels, international researchers discussed the topics Global Governance, De-globalization and the Role of the EU and East Asia, the G20 and Global Economic Governance, Global Financial Governance as well as Global Environmental Governance. This course presents video recordings of the workshop.