On 15.8.23 RUB Moodle was updated to version 4.1. What are the changes?

With version 4 Moodle has improved and simplified the user interface. There is a collapsible and expandable course index on the left side. Activities and resources can thus be found more easily. The blocks on the right side are also collapsible and expandable. The new navigation hierarchy is more compact and unified. The entire moodle page can thus be better adapted to different screen sizes.In addition, the new Moodle version gets a new and improved text editor.

Course page in Moodle 4

Moodle 4 Kursseite

The most important changes summarized:

  • Dashboard/course overview with search function
  • Simplified menu navigation in course administration
  • Blocks on the right side can be folded in and out
  • Course index on the left side with moveable content
  • Improved text editor

The existing functions will not change and can be operated as usual. In addition, smaller functionalities will be added in some places. Here are some examples:

  • Possible time limit for assignments
  • Improvements of the question collection
  • Selectable templates in the "Database" tool

The following tools will be discontinued due to technical reasons and low usage:

  • Journal: The journal can also be implemented with the "Task" tool.
  • Blog: The blog can be implemented with the tool "Forum/Blog".
  • Flash cards: For the flash card function H5P-Dialogcards can be used alternatively or other flash card software.
  • Crosswords: H5P also offers a crossword function.

If you have already created content with these tools and would like to continue using it, please contact support.

You can also watch the changes in this video (in German):


With the update, as usual, you will find instructions on how to use all new functions in our instruction portal in Moodle.

And, of course, we will still be available for personal consultation. You can find our contact details in our instruction portal in Moodle.

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