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  • Submission Blocks for PhD Theses

  • PhD Defence Announcements

    • All postdoctoral research fellows (promovierte wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter) who have permission to act as supervisors have the right to view the displayed dissertations and respective reports. 

      All other postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students may view the dissertations only. 

      Written remarks on the theses may be submitted to the GSCB Office.

      If interested, please contact the GSCB Office.

    • Auslage bis 07.06.2024

      Disputation am 19.06.2024, 13:00 Uhr, NC 02/99

      Gutachter: Nils Metzler-Nolte, Julia Brandow, Stephan Hahn

      Vorsitz: Bastian Mei

    • Auslage bis 18.06.2024

      Disputation am 27.06.2024 um 14:00 Uhr, NC 02/99

      Gutachter: Eike Steinmann, Thomas Günther-Pomorski, Jérôme Gouttenoir

      Vorsitz: Raphael Stoll

    • Auslage bis: 01.07.2024

      Disputation am 02.07.2024, 13:00 Uhr, ND 3/99

      Gutachter: Kornelia Jaquet, Christian Herrmann, Andreas Mügge

      Vorsitz: Poul Petersen

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    • GSCB Office - Jacinta Essling-Wintzer