M.A. Seminar, 9-17 May 2023, University of Wroclaw
Guest lecture

The seminar poses the question of why states establish and how they design regional organizations that enable regional integration. It explores the regional cooperation processes of Europe, the Americas and Asia in various fields of international relations, such as security, trade, climate and migration. A particular focus therefore is given to the EU (Europe), ASEAN (South-East Asia), NAFTA (North America) and MERCOSUR (South America). The objective of the seminar is to introduce the theories of cooperation and integration, and to enable students to apply these on empirical case studies. Therefore, the students will be familiarized with regional integration theories, mainly neofunctionalism and liberal intergovernmentalism, as well as alternative theoretical approaches of new regionalism and comparative regionalism. Through this the seminar aims at discussing regional organizations comparatively. Moreover, it unveils why certain regions are more integrated than others, and whether models of regional cooperation and integration spread across the different regions through diffusion of institutional models and policies.
Semester: SoSe 2024