In this Summer School, you will present the topics you have prepared during the semester in tandems. After a kick-off session on April 22nd, you will prepare your presentations for the Summer School on July 1st to July 3rd.

Contemporary technologies could become able to offer immense opportunities for the development of the quality of life. Actual achievements, or possible future developments, include the extension of the human life span, enhancement of talents, health, morality, etc. Research projects promise a world where people live longer lives, are in better health, are more intelligent and moral than in the actual world. At the same time, there are serious concerns regarding such prospects. There are fears related to the possibility that the use of technologies will be unfairly accessible, thus, strengthening social inequalities that are already in place. Another worry regards possible limitations to the autonomy and freedom, in particular, with interventions that include mental, moral, and identity modifications. The the Summer School will analyse the problems from the standpoint of justice and human values.
Semester: ST 2024