Language: This course is given in English.

Goal: The students should get a good intuition for the mathematics covered in this course.

Content: This course covers mathematical methods that are relevant for modeling and data analysis. Particular emphasis will be put on an intuitive understanding as is required for a creative command of mathematics. The following topics will be covered: Functions, vector spaces, matrices as transformations, systems of linear differential equations, and qualitative analysis of nonlinear differential equations, possibly also Bayesian theory and multiple integrals.

Format: There is a lecture, which provides the content, and a tutorial, where you solve exercises and can deepen your understanding of the content. The exercises are solved in the tutorial in a group effort, not at home. The students therefore have the opportunity to meet already at 9:00 to work on the exercises on their own.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra.

Exam: This course will be concluded with an oral exam.