Nanomagnetism comprises the research and applications of magnetism at the nanoscale. Whether one is interested in fundamental properties or in the multitude of potential applications, e.g. in nanomedicine, sensors, ferrofluidic devices or for adaptive damping systems for the latest generation of cars, the field of nanomagnetism offers many opportunities.
In this course I will first give a brief crash course in solid state magnetism. Building on previous knowledge in solid state science this part should be sufficient to serve as basis for the rest of the course. Next I will review the theory and effects in magnetism when scaling down the dimensionality of the system, i.e. from 3d (=bulk), to 2d (=thin films), to 1d (=nanowires) and eventually 0d (=nanostructures and nanoparticles). Then I will discuss typical 0d phenomena like superparamagnetism. Moreover, coupling phenomena and interactions with external fields (e.g. light, electrical current) will be presented. Finally the techniques to fabricate nanostructures (top-down versus bottom-up) will be reviewed.