Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry feeding myriad consumers, a pervasive aspect of a liberal modern culture, and largely accessible in everyday life. In modern society, many assume that most people look at or know a good deal about porn. Within itself pornography is a multifarious phenomenon, and the more categories it encompasses, the more philosophically interesting it becomes. There are plenty of philosophical questions about the real role and value of porn in culture and in our lives, and pornography has indeed been a topic in feminist, legal, and general ethical discussions since at least the

In our seminar, while we set special emphasis on feminist topics – from the subordination of women and sexual objectification in porn to the feminist pornography – we also aim to address certain moral dimensions of porn (such as its liberatory and formative role for identities) with regards to lesbian- and gay-, as well as queer- and trans-pornography. We proceed not only by means of seminal philosophical works on various moral and legal aspects of pornography, but also with texts written or contributed to by porn industry insiders.The seminar will be followed by a two-day final workshop at the end of July 2018, in which the students will have the opportunity to discuss the topics of the seminar with international specialists.