Students understand the definitions of mechanical equilibrium and are able to apply it to simple problems. Based on this understanding they are able to implement and to apply a simple Finite Element code for elastic problems. They learn and understand the basics of continuum plasticity and can motivate classical plasticity models from microstructural principles. Based on this understanding, the students are able to discuss the correlation between microstructure and mechanical properties of materials and they develop the skills to apply this knowledge to materials science problems.


  • Mechanical equilibrium definitions

  • Basics of the Finite Element Method/Implementation of Finite Element code in Matlab

  • Continuum plasticity and transition to micromechanics

  • Microstructural mechanisms and microscopic descriptions of mechanical properties of materials

  • Length scales in materials (phases, grain boundaries, defect densities)

  • Hardening mechanisms (grain boundary, dislocation, solid solution and precipitation hardening)

  • Micromechanical modelling of material properties